About Us

Our History and Vision

Hi, I am Hitesh Jani, founder of Commerce Live. I am a digital marketer, blogger, and Entrepreneur.

I started blogging website way back in 2012; however Commerce Live is not my first blog.

I started Commerce Live in the year 2020 because there were few blogs where you could find the information on career & education.

Although make money idea is my favorite topic but I have excellent knowledge on career & education topics.


At Commerce Live, you will find content on various topics including making money ideas, career & education tips, different career options, business ideas etc.

We have a full team of excellent writers who are expert in career & education related topics.

Mr. Naitik Jani & Ms. Nehal are among the dedicated writers who contribute quality content to Commerce Live.

Everything that we publish on Commerce Live is coming by experience & research.