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Best captcha typing jobs are a great way for students, homemakers, retirees, and other part-time workers to earn cash from home without a long-term commitment.

Nevertheless, finding a legitimate captcha job site can be quite challenging as many of these sites are, in fact, scams. Some of these sites will make you pay upfront for registration and then disappear after taking your money.

9 Best Online Captcha Typing Jobs

As you may have learned before, captchas are coded images in which certain characters are replaced with words or numbers. Due to the frequent changes and new extensions that captchas add, one must enter an image with specific values to verify the purchase of a service or product online. 

There are several ways to find Captcha solving jobs, such as cashing out at specific sites or joining competitions for rewards like gift cards. There is always a market for them in Captcha typing job markets.

Best captcha typing Jobs from home

If you want to work from home there are hundreds of websites available. But some websites pay little to no money.

We looked at these free online Captcha typing job providers to provide you with a list that’s clearly labeled as the top three that have repeatedly proven themselves to be the best out of the bunch.

What do you mean by Captcha?

Captcha is short for a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. In simple words – bots from humans.

Captcha helps to prevent spammers of any kind from accessing a site. It is a meager cost but highly effective defense that keeps the likes of internet bots and trolls out while letting genuine customers in!

Types of Captcha Typing Jobs

There are many different types of Captchas. The most common one is the traditional text-based Captcha. These Captchas use words or phrases with a random combination, for example, “j4f3q1n0”.

Audio captchas are generally characterized as text entered into a field after being spoken aloud by a person. They are used primarily to prevent bots from making comments on forums, partly because it’s more difficult for an automated computer program to understand spoken words than those typed in. 

Image captchas involve the user interpreting an image and then recreating that image in some way – typically by typing certain letters or numbers into a designated field. 

These captchas present challenges for users who rely on assistive technology in either case. Such as low-vision people with impaired vision who may be using screen reader software or a Braille display.

Here are nine online captcha typing jobs sites you can use to find work ranging from $100 to $500 per month, depending on the number of assignments you can complete. All sites are free to register as well. We also provided the captcha typing login for quick use.

1. MegaTypers

Once you log into the website, you will receive a free tutorial taught by our most experienced entrepreneurs to explain best how to use our innovative platform. Our service is straightforward to use once you have read this guide.

Suppose anyone is looking for a legitimate way to make some easy online cash. In that case, I strongly suggest looking at this opportunity. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of money you can earn with this method. Members report making anywhere from $100 to $250 per month on the site.

MegaTypers will pay you $100 via Western Union and $3 for all other options. When it comes to providing captcha typing jobs, the company is known for its authenticity.


2. Kolotibablo

At Kolotibablo, they pay you according to the number of captcha opportunities you complete and the difficulty level. Newcomers earn $.35 per 1000 captchas. However, those who have experienced enough will receive $1 – $2 for 1000, depending upon the difficulty level.

According to several sources, Kolotibablo pays its members on time and supports them through those first few critical months. Their pay structure is also rare. A more significant proportion of earnings are paid out – about half compared to other companies (at least for our pool of resources). So if you haven’t already joined, what are you waiting for?

Their rating system allows you to see your improvement over time by tracking your daily and weekly habits and helps you overcome specific weaknesses like accuracy and speed. The threshold payment via PayPal is $5 for all withdrawal options. 


3. ProTypers

ProTypers is an umbrella site that houses data entry jobs from many places around the web. Newcomers can make $0.45 for each of the 1000 images they type. But with experience comes payment, and workers who solve more Captchas are paid $1.5 per 1000 Captchas instead.


4. Captcha2Cash

To do Captchas (those wiggly words that websites use to figure out whether you’re a human or a robot) for Captcha2Cash, please download and install the software found at their official site.

Once you log into the website, you will receive a free tutorial taught by our most experienced entrepreneurs to explain best how to use our innovative platform. Our service is straightforward to use once you have read this guide.

The Captcha2Cash service rewards users with $1 per 1000 solved captchas regardless of their payment method. They pay via PerfectMoney and Payza, so as winners, you can pick which one you prefer to receive your payments through.


5. FastTypers

FastTypers is unique because it allows users to keep 75% of their money! That’s more than most other companies in their industry. Being a worker on this site means you can choose whichever type of work and how much time you want to invest. 

It will open up opportunities for people who want flexible work hours from home or those looking for part-time earning opportunities. 


6. Qlinkgroup

If you’re interested in creating and using your private typing jobs site, we recommend you try out Qlinkgroup. They offer a variety of ways to earn an income depending on your needs and budget, including both Captcha Services and typing software. 

The company allows members to earn up to 15 cents per word, depending on how fast you type! 

Suppose, for whatever reason, you are unhappy about anything related to any service Qlinkgroup offers. In that case, they also have a reliable customer support staff willing to work with you until an appropriate solution has been provided.


7. 2Captcha

I’ve personally worked with 2Captcha before and have helped companies solve captchas for their websites. The site loads very quickly, so you can get what you need finished rapidly and start enjoying your time!

Using the site, you can get rewarded with $1.00 for every 1000 captchas you solve, while members can earn even more by making referrals. If you successfully solve the difficult captchas, you’re rewarded with bonus money for that Captcha.

The average human attention span is short. It’s roughly eight seconds, so keep your scripts short, quick, and declarative. The threshold payout for 2Captcha is $1 for PayPal, Payza, and Skrill, and $1 for bitcoin. They do not make payments to anyone in India at this time. You can sign up here.


8. PixProfit

Number 8 in our list of survey sites is PixProfit. Although they don’t offer any jobs now, we feel you should keep them in mind because when their new website launches, it’s a powerful possibility that they will come back offering more money for completing paid surveys.

Visit –

9. Captcha Typers

CaptchaTypers offers a flexible schedule and bounties to people who would otherwise work in traditional jobs (and earn between $.8 and $1.5 per 1000 captchas typed)

captcha typers login –

But what does a flexible schedule mean?

It depends on when you work. If you choose to work between 9 AM and 9 PM, you’ll earn $.8/1000 captchas we are generating, but if you choose to work between 9 PM and 9 AM, your earnings will increase by 50%. The minimum threshold payment amount via Paypal is $2.

To avoid fraud and scams, you must first register an account on the site by going to Once registered, you will be awarded a unique link via email to confirm your email address. You can access your dashboard to view the profiles of available chatters, create advertisements, and chat with verified members.

Visit –


The list of the top 9 online Captcha typing jobs available to people living in the USA and elsewhere. In addition, individuals working from other countries can take advantage of this opportunity based on region. 

As a freelancer, you can make extra cash to pay bills or enjoy yourself financially and not stress paying for your phone and Internet services. 

Captcha jobs, however, are most sought after by individuals from third-world countries. However, those residing in North America can obtain such opportunities based on their region for remote work opportunities requiring a typing background. If you looking for investment tips check out our finance category.