Those who stayed after school or returned home after graduation are considered losers who could not hold on in the metropolis. But this approach is wrong! Today I would like to offer some ideas for business in a small town.

    “Your future is created by what you are doing today, not what you will do tomorrow.”

    Robert Kiyosaki

If you do not want to leave and love your small homeland and are ready to put energy and resources into its development, what to do then?

The simple answer is to open a business that will appeal to your community and help you earn. There are plenty of businesses in a small town.

I believe that regardless of the size and scope of your future business, it is impossible to launch a startup without studying the theoretical base and without a business plan.

If you live in a small town and want to open IE (individual enterprise), then you should be familiar with the businesses in the town to choose the most promising business ideas.

Business In A Small Town

Things to consider before opening a small business in town

The inhabitants of small provincial towns are very conservative in their outlook and wary of everything new. However, opening something too exotic like shop designer clothes or a restaurant with pan-Asian cuisine is not necessary.

If you have a good reputation in your city, it will significantly facilitate the startup. But don’t forget that business should be conducted honestly; otherwise, word of mouth in a flash will leave you without customers and profits.

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The advantages and disadvantages of business in a small town

Before deciding on the opening of the case, you should weigh all “for” and “against” and analyze the advantages, disadvantages and challenges you may face opening a business in a small town.

The advantages of business in a small town

1. Cheap labour

You can hire employees and pay them twice less than in a major city.

2. Low rent

Real estate in small towns is cheap, so buying or renting won’t make a hole in your budget.

3. The minimum amount of capital investment

You can save not only on salaries or rent but also on advertising and the room’s decor (the smaller, the better).

Disadvantages of a business in a small town

1. The low purchasing capacity of inhabitants of your city

In this regard, we will have to set a reasonable pricing policy.

2. Modest capital-labour and profit

Although to this rule, there are exceptions. For example, open a small village plant, which will produce large quantities of products you will supply to all the country’s supermarkets. Your income will be very impressive.

3. Tough competition

Finding an unoccupied niche is difficult, especially in common areas of business activity.

As I said, the residents of small settlements are conservatives by nature, so the best thing is to work on traditional business ideas, of course, if you manage to find an unoccupied niche:


In small towns, it is better to open a General store where you can buy food and some important stuff: the cover for closing, disposable plastic bags etc. Be a success, and construction and hardware store or second-hand.

Café, bar, restaurant

You are choosing one of the available options, guided by their amount of starting capital. If you have enough money in your town, there are no average restaurants, feel free to open this type of establishment.

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Veterinary clinic

You can treat dogs, cats and agricultural animals that are kept in private sectors in small towns.

Private pond

You can rent a local pond to run back the fish, and then for money to be spent fishing the residents and tourists.

Private kindergarten

With state kindergartens in small towns the same trouble as in a large, you will not stay without customers.

The business is associated with agriculture.

Business in a small town

Here are some best choices:

-Rent County fields and grow crops that can be sold;

-Breed animals: rabbits, poultry, pigs, cattle;

-Open a dairy farm;

-Smash fruit garden;

-Make vegetable or meat canned food, etc.

Suppose none of the proposed ideas is attractive to you. In that case, you might want to pass on more exciting and challenging business ways.

For example:

Green tourism

Inhabitants of megacities do not have enough simple pleasures: fresh air, silence, familiar childhood food, swimming in the hole, picking berries and mushrooms and other things. You can capitalist on this fact and work towards green tourism.


Suppose your small town has several private enterprises. In that case, you can work to maintain their bookkeeping because small businesses can’t afford to keep an accountant on the rate.

Services for money

Look how many in your small town home to single women and couples willing to pay money if only they took a part of the job: chopped wood, cleaned the yard, weed out the weeds or harvested, etc. Possible another idea: is to provide specialized services, like electrician, plumber, builder, etc.

As you can see, business ideas in a small town abound.