Sure, you can trade in diapers. In fact, there are many new moms who do this. This is a money-making idea that is harmless and safe.

Can you trade in diapers? Well, firstly let’s try to look at it from the legal point of view. In the US, the Federal Trade Commission has banned the resale of used diapers. However there is no law preventing the sale of new diapers, so you can legally sell new pampers and other brands of diapers.

Can you trade in diapers

Just remember that you can’t sell the diaper back to the retail store. Other countries should have similar laws, but you should check with your local government before you begin selling.

There are other great reasons to buy store brands, including the fact that they are cheaper. I have a friend who used to be a major grocery store chain buyer. He told me that the store brand products cost the store less than the national brand products. The store makes more money on the store brand.

It pays to do your homework when you go grocery shopping. I have found big differences in price and quality between the big-name brands and the store brand. I always check the price on the name brands first, and if I see that the store brand is a lot cheaper and I can’t tell any difference in the quality, then I buy the store brand.

Can you trade in unopened diapers?

You can sell unopened diapers to retailers and diaper banks. The rate depends on the store, but many stores will buy unopened diapers. You should check out consignment sales or online classifieds.

You can even save up the unopened diapers and sell them as a lot when you have enough if you want. The rate for unopened lots of diapers varies but ranges from about $.50 per diaper for nearly new ones to about $.05 for the older, worn-out ones.

You can try this in chain stores like Target or Wal-Mart. But I don’t think that they’ll accept the box if you’ve opened it. If you find this unlikely, you can always try thrift stores as they are always looking for good goods.

Exchanging diapers without receipt

At, Walmart, they will take returns without a receipt if they have the item in the system still. This means that you must have paid with cash or a debit card, as credit cards get tracked and if you return a stolen item with a credit card, then all the store knows is that you used a credit card and not who used it.

Walmart and all other stores have the same system, they may ask questions as to how you got the item and such, but they won’t arrest you. They will just tell you that you need to return the item to the original owner, and it would be your word against theirs.

Can You Trade In Diapers?

I think that Subway is one of the most customer-friendly stores. I have tried exchanging diapers without receipts and they have always accommodated me. If you are worried about them not taking them, show them the diapers, and the date of purchase, and then explain the situation.

I think that most people will be understanding. This is not a scam. I went back one time with 2 boxes of diapers and they didn’t even question me.

At other stores, the receipt is needed for two reasons: First – you need it to exchange the diapers for a different size if any. Second – you need it to claim the warranty for the diapers if any.

If you are planning to exchange the diapers for a different size or different brand then you need to take the receipt to the store the diapers were bought.

If you are not exchanging them for either of the reasons mentioned above, you don’t need the receipt but still have to have the item. If you are not planning to bring the diapers back to the store they were bought, you can just leave the receipt at home so you don’t have to worry about not having it.

While it is perfectly fine to exchange without a receipt, the new diaper store in your area might not accept the exchange without it. You can always ask the store manager, but he will likely refuse the exchange without a receipt.

The other aspect of the situation is that it depends on the store’s policy, and not the law. The law is on the customer’s side, but some stores do not view the situation that way. If it doesn’t work the first time, try another store or another manager.


Check the price of diapers at the store and see if it’s not too high. There are plenty of other baby items that you may need. We tend to buy too much of things we might not need.

By shopping smartly, you can save a lot. Also, don’t be a fan of brand names. Parent’s magazine tested name, brand, and generic diapers and found that they work about the same.

can you trade in diapers

Can you trade in diapers at Target?

Yes. Target accepts all manufacturer coupons (BOGO coupons, store coupons, manufacturer coupons, etc). They also accept all Target coupons, even their coupons. Another great thing about Target is that they price adjust almost every week (typically on Thursday).

This means that any coupon that you had used in the past will match the current price. Although this applies only to those items that Target has originally priced.

Sometimes, exchange depends on the product and the type of diaper. Target and other major retail chains have slightly different return policies. You should always check with the store’s policy in advance. The standard return period for Target is 15 days.

Can you trade in diapers at Walmart?

Yes, you can trade in diapers at Walmart. You get 5 cents per diaper. The store will accept diapers of all sizes, from newborns to adults. You can also trade in baby wipes. You get 10 cents per wipe. They will also take formula and baby food, but they do not give cash for those items. They do not take clothes or toys.

You may trade in diapers at Walmart when you have enough for store credit. All you have to do is bring the diapers to the Customer service counter and there should be a box for you to put your name, phone number, and the amount available to trade.

If the store is close to closing time, you should call the store first before you go over to the Customer service counter.

Can you trade in diapers?- A business?

can you trade in diapers?

Yes, you can trade in diapers. It’s a lucrative business and you can make good money out of it. Apart from the one you buy for your baby, you can buy more and sell them in your neighbourhood.

If you have a large family, you can even set up a diaper service store and make a good profit out of it. Only if you are aware of the right places to buy diapers at the right prices! A good price to pay for a pack would be less than $2.00.

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You can trade in diapers but it won’t be easy. Diapers are not the kind of product that the buyer requires immediately. Therefore the buyer will have to be very patient to wait for the right buyer for the product. T

his will make things harder for you to trade your product. The only way to make it easier is to trade in a common product. For example, if you are planning to trade in computers then it will be easier because many buyers need computers and that too instantly.